We met Kahindo at the orphanage. She is a widow with AIDS, having been infected by her husband who was a truck driver. Once her husband died, his family came and took all that she had, claiming it was theirs, and kicked her out of the home, even though she has three children with her. (Once again, I am grateful for my wonderful in-laws who are more than a few steps up from these ones).

Kahindo Mama Nely

Kahindo Mama Nely

She has now returned to her family, but she is now helping to train people about AIDS so they don’t kick others out of their home. It sounds very similar to the work of Healing Streams concerning rape victims.

Kahindo talked of how people refuse AIDS tests because it is personally better for them to not know.

She meets with 17 PWA (Persons With AIDS) and collectively they teach people to stay celibate or faithful and to get tested. She would appreciate a sponsor so she could do more. We gave her some support, but can only wish we could do more.

We are not even half way through this day! We will add pictures when we have the technical ability.