Seeing Nancy Wood standing at the airport terminal the moment we got off the plane was a wonderful site. Our journey to Bunia was uneventful, although Michael thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the co-pilot seat of the Cessna Caravan and talking with the pilot throughout the flight from Entebbe. It was interesting to see how the pilot steered around storm clouds and to discuss how he came to his decisions. As always, the sky was completely clear over Lake Albert, part of the Great African Rift Valley.

Arrival in Bunia

We stopped in at the local airline office (CAA) and determined a new plan (yet again). It was good to see the road construction underway. (Will it continue after the election?) We learned that CAA will shutdown next week for at least two days to celebrate the presidents inauguration. (Or they anticipate trouble when the results are announced. Take your pick.)

In front of the CAA office, Bunia

Our new plan is to hire a taxi first thing in the morning and drive to Butembo. It should be a 5 or 6 hour drive through beautiful and varied country. We will fly back to Bunia early Sunday morning (before the election results announcement) and have a dedicated week consulting with CME. We have had an initial discussion with Phillip Wood concerning the scope of our engagement. We will have a busy week at CME, but now we are really looking to meeting our friends in Butembo.