Ngamba Island is in Lake Victoria, 23 km or a 45 minute boat ride from Entebbe. It was established in 1998 to care for orphaned chimpanzees who were rescued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Supported by the Jane Goodall Institute and several other wildlife foundations, they gather rescued chimps, then nurse or return them to health in an effort to promote the endangered specie.

Chimp asking for more food

Chimpanzee asking for more food at the Ngamba Sanctuary

Most chimps spend the day are in the forest but they sleep in protected cages.  They have a feeding twice a day.  For our half day visit, we essentially came to watch a feeding.  Overnight stays involve personal interaction with the less aggressive chimps, who are all named and easily identified by staff.

Watch the video of the feeding time:

Everyone Has A Name

Everyone Has A Name