Ross and Dawn Penner have just safely returned from Congo.  From their Healing Streams blog:

Yesterday I (Dawn Penner) was asking a former seminar participant for a story that I could share with our readers that would give a better understanding of the struggle in Congo. He told me of a 12 year old girl who was taken by a motorcycle taxi driver to a deserted lot and raped. She was badly damaged and required fistula surgery. She told her family that she wanted to die. She was filled with shame over what had happened. Doctors and family reassured her that it was not her fault or her shame but she continues to struggle. Her mother and sisters are struggling as well and devastated over what has happened. Of course this could be a story told anywhere in the world but the shocking thing is this case is how common it is. We are assisting a Child Abuse Prevention team with training and some support. The team goes to remote villages with a presentation about the Impact of Sexual Violence, the laws against Sexual Violence, Prevention, and Resources available if raped. One outreach trip costs the team about $180 for travel, food, and lodging. We’d love to have someone sponsor this much needed project!